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Ultrapure Water: The Purest Water Is NOT Your Drinking Water




Pure Water

All drinking water should be clean water, but NOT all clean water should be drinking water – makes sense?

Let me explain.

Aside from drinking water, we have found numerous ways to use water in our daily lives. From washing ourselves, doing the laundry, cleaning the house to flushing out toxins from our body, water has been our number one cleaning agent.

However, unbeknownst to most of us, there are different kinds of water that are suitable for different purposes. Their differences mostly rely on their level of purity.  Inaptly, it has become a popular belief that the purest water will always be the cleanest water. And the cleanest water will automatically be the safest water.

This thinking is dangerous for, in truth, the purest water is NOT the safest water. 

Various industries need to water as a cleaning agent. Food manufacturers need to remove toxic substances, pharmaceutical companies require high-purity water for their laboratories, and cleaning services call for water that will leave no stains on surfaces. These manufacturing plants need a level of pure water that will suck out all the impurities down to its nanoparticles.

Now, Ultrapure water is water so pure that it has obtained a superior dissolving prowess by being closest to H2O as possible. How? Through a process that tries to leave only the H2O molecules. That means all impurities like dirt, viruses, minerals and even salt that are present in water has been stripped off.

It is because of this property that ultrapure water can clean the tiniest and most sensitive semiconductors. The most invisible debris can easily cause a microchip to malfunction.

Ultrapure water is an industrial solvent that is produced by millions of gallons on a day-to-day basis. Some microchip factories even have their own smaller factories inside that produce the purest water possible.

Then, why is it that we cannot find ultrapure water on our local supermarket shelves? 

The answer is simple: It’s not meant to be there because it’s harmful to humans.

Yes, it’s the best industrial solvent but it’s not exactly the best for humans especially when ingested. Since it has been stripped off of all salt, sugar, and minerals, it longs to absorb it all back. Think about it. Your body is full of electrolytes and valuable minerals that keep you healthy.  Ultrapure water will flush them all out of your system and that will cause a negative effect on your body. For example, an electrolyte imbalance usually leads to serious ailments.

The good news is that ultrapure water has a flat somewhat bitter taste, so the probability of anyone ingesting is unlikely.

Uses of Ultrapure Water as Industrial Solvent 

  • prevents watermarks for precision cleaning
  • promotes accurate laboratory analysis
  • diluting soft drinks to remove unpleasant tastes
  • stabilises steam generators
  • cleans electronic chips
  • removes stains in textiles preferred in the textile industry and laundry services
  • and other important manufacturing companies and cleaning agencies


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