Filling Station Post Code:  KT8 2UZ


24 Pure Water West Molesey

About Us

Our Molesey ultra-pure water filling station Is situated within the Standby Self Storage facility, to the left-hand side of the green gate as you drive into the site, past the white site office, next to the toilets.

Our Sussex filling station is conveniently located at Standby Self Storage in Island Farm Avenue; Standby Self Storage is located next to River woodworking and opposite kiwi storage.

This filling station is operational 24 hours a day, 7days a week.

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Request a call back?

  • Our team can answer any technical questions
  • We can set up everything for you over the phone if required (our call centre open between 9am and 5pm).

How to access the Worthing Filling Station

  1. Register here for access to the site. We will then text and email access details
  2. Once you have you have received the access details, you can head to the location when you are ready

NB this number will only work is you are registered for access

  1. Proceed up the drive to Standby Self Storage, pull up at the green gate & enter the access code you have been given, on the keypad, to enter the site
  2. Drive into the yard and the filling station is on the left-hand side.

To exit the site

Enter your code into the exit keypad, next to the white office.

Island farm avenue pure water

24 Pure Water Molesey is situated within the Standby Self Storage facility, next door to River Wood Work.

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