How do I use the Monyx app and what is it for?

The Monyx app is a virtual wallet operated by Nayax (provider of our card payment system). The is a secure credit and debit card operator which operates on thousands of vending machines, unattended machines like car washes, electric car charging points and loads more. The Nayax and Monyx are both PCI DSS compliant.

The great points about using the monyx app:

  • Securty and Piece of mind
  • 10% bonus when you top up £16+
  • It can be used loads of different locations not just 24 Pure Water


  1. Download the app.
  2. Enter your phone number and sign up.
  3. Find the filling station you which to use, either by location or using the location numbers below:
  4. Horsham – 67866323

    Molesey –  94964363

    Croydon –  8208776

    Aylesbury – 7638410

    Worthing – 8737282


  5. Save the location to your favourites so its ready for next time you us it.
  6. Enter your card details and top up the Monyx card. Dont forget if you top up £16+ you get 10% extra free.
  7. Go to the machine and start using. Once you are at the machine don’t forget to activate the machine via the app first then choose how much water you require. If you push the buttons on the machine first you will need to cancel the transaction and restart the process.



What name will appear on my bank statements after a purchase?

Transactions will appear showing our 24purewater if you are topping up your account on the app.

If you are paying via credit or debit card at the filling station it will show as Nya*pure Water Filling.

if you are using the monyx app (payment application platform for the Nayax payment system) to top up it may show as monyx on your bank statement.

What Does TDS stand for?

TDS stands for total dissolved solids.

Generally, unfiltered UK tap water comes out between 650 and 150 milligrams per litre depending on your location. If you want to find out more about tap water and TDS levels, see the link below:

Can there still be marks left on the windows after a ultra-Pure Water clean when the TDS is 0.00?

Yes, this could be caused by impurities picked up from the window frame, fascia or soffit. The most important remedy is to ensure the window is washed down from top to bottom and is thoroughly rinsed at the end of the clean.

One other possibility is that window frames can be contaminated by soap previously used in a traditional window clean.

It is also important to note when cleaning an aluminium framed window that the Pure Water can draw the impurities from any oxidisation from the window frame. Providing the window is rinsed well at the end of the clean, this should dry clear.

How do I get access to the ultra-pure water filling station?

Simply fill out our registration form, once we approve your account you can login via the website or app to view access codes for the filling stations.

N.B some stations don’t require a code due to open access.

How can I pay?

We accept Visa, Master Card and the Monyx App (this can give customers discounts)

What is the smallest amount I can buy?

25 litres.

What is the most amount I can buy?

You can buy up to 8000 Litres at a filling station. (subject to availability)

How much do you charge?

3.33p per litre ex vat / 4p per litre Inc Vat

N.B Do not forget your Free £20 credit when you register.