NEW Locations now at your service! 24Pure Water Filling Stations

New Locations Now at your Service! 24Pure Water Filling Stations

NEW Locations now at your service! 24Pure Water Filling Stations

Can COVID-19 stop us from growing and expanding our network? Absolutely not!

We did not let this pandemic hinder us from fulfilling our mission. And that is to provide an excellent alternative professional cleaning solution – the kind that you don’t get from using ordinary tap water.

As proof of our commitment, we are proudly announcing the opening of our 4 new water filling stations in  Aylesbury & Bicester, Croydon, Horsham, and Molesey!

Now, our fast water filling stations are readily available to all our customers within these local areas. This is because we remain true to our goal of providing easily purchased outstanding pure water, consistently. Our strictly for commercial use only ultrapure water is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We also recently launched our 24 pure water payment cards which you can top up and control from the Monyx app. Aside from that, we offer a £20 free credit for those who will register early to access our filling station.

What do we offer at 24 Pure Water Filling Stations?

  • ✅ Open 24/7
  • ✅ TDS monitored 24/7
  • ✅ Pay by app or credit/ debit card
  • ✅ 100 litres per minute fill
  • ✅ 4p Per Litre INC VAT
  • ✅ Great customer service

Our Locations


24Pure Worthing Water Filling StationsFilling Station Post Code:  BN12 6PG

24 Pure Water Worthing Station is situated within the Standby Self Storage facility, next door to Bell Davis fencing and PHS.

You can find us at the left-hand side of the green gate as you drive into the site. We are next to the white site office, next to the toilet.

Also, remember that the turning for the access road to our location is just after Millwood house and the speed camera.

You will have to pass Asda again to access the road when you exit the site.


Aylesbury & Bicester

24Pure Aylesbury Water Filling StationsFilling Station Post Code:  HP18 0QE

Our Aylesbury & Bicester ultrapure water filling station is situated off A41 between Aylesbury and Bicester, within the Standby Self Storage facility at Creighton Road, HP18 0QE.

The Filling Station is on a fence line at the left-hand side of the green gate, opposite the white site office, next to the toilet.

You do not need to access the yard to use the water station.



24Pure Croydon Water Filling StationsFilling Station Post Code: CR0 3BR

You can find our Croydon Station on the right-hand side of the green gate of the Standby Self Storage facility, just off the Mitcham Road, Croydon.

The turning for the access road to our location is down the private driveway just past Cecil Road.




Filling Station Post Code:  KT8 2UZ24Pure Molesey Water Filling Stations

Within the Standby Self Storage facility located next door to River Wood Work is our Molesey ultrapure water filling station.

As you drive to the site, you can see it at the left-hand side of the green gate past the white site office, next to the toilets.

Our address is 4 Island Farm Avenue, West Molesey, KT8 2UZ



Filling Station Post Code:  RH13 5PX24Pure Horsham Water Filling Stations

To the left-hand side of the green gate, as you drive into the Standy Self Storage just off the Foundry Lane, you can find our Horsham filling station.

Remember that the turning for the access road to our site is just by the car wash opposite Tops tiles and Screwfix, Toolstation.



To register for your £20 free credit today, click here.

For more info on the 24 pure water payment cards, jump on this link.

Pure Water

Ultrapure Water: The Purest Water Is NOT Your Drinking Water




Pure Water

All drinking water should be clean water, but NOT all clean water should be drinking water – makes sense?

Let me explain.

Aside from drinking water, we have found numerous ways to use water in our daily lives. From washing ourselves, doing the laundry, cleaning the house to flushing out toxins from our body, water has been our number one cleaning agent.

However, unbeknownst to most of us, there are different kinds of water that are suitable for different purposes. Their differences mostly rely on their level of purity.  Inaptly, it has become a popular belief that the purest water will always be the cleanest water. And the cleanest water will automatically be the safest water.

This thinking is dangerous for, in truth, the purest water is NOT the safest water. 

Various industries need to water as a cleaning agent. Food manufacturers need to remove toxic substances, pharmaceutical companies require high-purity water for their laboratories, and cleaning services call for water that will leave no stains on surfaces. These manufacturing plants need a level of pure water that will suck out all the impurities down to its nanoparticles.

Now, Ultrapure water is water so pure that it has obtained a superior dissolving prowess by being closest to H2O as possible. How? Through a process that tries to leave only the H2O molecules. That means all impurities like dirt, viruses, minerals and even salt that are present in water has been stripped off.

It is because of this property that ultrapure water can clean the tiniest and most sensitive semiconductors. The most invisible debris can easily cause a microchip to malfunction.

Ultrapure water is an industrial solvent that is produced by millions of gallons on a day-to-day basis. Some microchip factories even have their own smaller factories inside that produce the purest water possible.

Then, why is it that we cannot find ultrapure water on our local supermarket shelves? 

The answer is simple: It’s not meant to be there because it’s harmful to humans.

Yes, it’s the best industrial solvent but it’s not exactly the best for humans especially when ingested. Since it has been stripped off of all salt, sugar, and minerals, it longs to absorb it all back. Think about it. Your body is full of electrolytes and valuable minerals that keep you healthy.  Ultrapure water will flush them all out of your system and that will cause a negative effect on your body. For example, an electrolyte imbalance usually leads to serious ailments.

The good news is that ultrapure water has a flat somewhat bitter taste, so the probability of anyone ingesting is unlikely.

Uses of Ultrapure Water as Industrial Solvent 

  • prevents watermarks for precision cleaning
  • promotes accurate laboratory analysis
  • diluting soft drinks to remove unpleasant tastes
  • stabilises steam generators
  • cleans electronic chips
  • removes stains in textiles preferred in the textile industry and laundry services
  • and other important manufacturing companies and cleaning agencies


If you need ultrapure water for your business or personal use, click here.

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You can find us at 24 Pure Water, Suit 106, Standby Self Storage, Creighton Road, Woodham, Aylesbury, HP18 0QE

Ultra Pure Water

7 Industries That Use Ultrapure Water Which You May Not Know

Ultra Pure Water

Water affects our life on earth and no one would disagree with that. Nevertheless, it is still not exempted from impurities. In fact, even clear, colourless tap water is contaminated with unwanted chemicals and minerals.

Ultrapure water undergoes special processes to remove all these impurities. This allows it to have a superb dissolving power that is ideal for many industries. Aside from the professional cleaning services, we have listed down seven more industries that use ultrapure water.

7 Industries That Use Ultrapure Water Which You May Not Know

1. Semiconductor and Microelectronics Manufacturing Industry 

The technology uses water, too. The manufacture of microchips used in our smartphones and computers need ultrapure water for a specific purpose.

This purpose is to rinse out any impurity that may damage the chip. For this reason, the tiniest particle should, in whatsoever way, enter a silicon wafer (a thin slice of a semiconductor) nor reside in the liquid crystals. Both of which are important components of microchips.

2. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

Microbiological control is this industry’s top concern. And one of the many ways to control bacterial contamination is through sterilization. However, the sterilization process requires clean steam to keep the bacteria and other contaminants from their product. Pharmaceutical companies know that only ultrapure water can generate clean steam.

Ultra Pure Water3. Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry treats water as a huge issue. In all its operations – from extraction to refineries to petrochemicals – ultrapure water is a major component in oil production.

It is for this reason that these companies need to protect the quality of water they use. Considerably, low-quality water will always produce low quality oil.

4. Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry

The food and beverage manufacturing industry use water twofold. Firstly, as a cleaning and sanitation agent.

The minerals and other contaminants present in ordinary tap water cause water-related damage to a manufacturer’s equipment. Using ultrapure water protects the lifespan on their utilities, therefore, increasing the facility’s operational stability.

Secondly, water is an active ingredient in beer, wine, carbonated drinks, and other beverages. Chloride, sulfate and other compounds present in ordinary water negatively affect the taste of commercial beverages. Hence, they use highly treated water to preserve flavour composition.

Dilution before bottling is also necessary before bottling in order to remove any unpleasant taste in the drinks.

5. Power Generation Industry

Scaling and corrosion majorly damage steam-powered generating turbines. As a result, these impurities continuously disrupt the stable operation of power plants.

Now, ultrapure water is treated to the highest level of impurity; therefore, it has no contaminants that may cause scaling and corrosion.

The power generation’s demand for ultrapure water has increased over the years. Power plants have relied heavily on their reliability and consistency to reduce blowdown frequency.

Ultrapure water keeps their turbines stable and functional.

6. Aquatic Facilities / Water Recreational Industry Swimming Pool

Pool water must remain clean and clear at all times. Accordingly, a water purification system is set to make certain that the swimmer are safe from any bacteria, viruses or any pathogen that may cause infection.

The water disinfection system in pools, patios and spas generally produce highly purified water that is suitable to guarantee the safety of the swimmers.


Indeed, the earth’s natural universal solvent cannot clean everything. However, using ultrapure water may just do the trick. 

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For comments and inquiries, call 0800 1777 420  or email us at

You can find us at 24 Pure Water, Suit 106, Standby Self Storage, Creighton Road, Woodham, Aylesbury, HP18 0QE

What is Pure Water?

What is Pure Water?

Ultra Pure Water is water that has been mechanically filtered or processed to remove impurities like chemicals, minerals and other contaminants.

Through purification, many types of impurities are removed, including:

  • Bacteria
  • Algae
  • Fungi
  • Parasites
  • Chemical pollutants

Impurities commonly found in ordinary tap water are also minerals such as:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus


These minerals are perfectly safe to drink, but they may not be as ideal to use for window cleaning and car detailing. The minerals become visible, leaving spot marks on the surface. The residue left behind by using tap water and detergents is what can attract dirt to your windows. By using 24 Pure Water, you are removing this film of grime-attracting soap from your windows and cars. It will keep them looking fresher and cleaner longer.

24 Pure Water uses a specialised filtration system that removes every single mineral and impurities, leaving the water 100% purified. Just Hydrogen and Oxygen, nothing more nothing less. Pure water is measured by TDS (total dissolved solids) PPM (parts per million). Average tap water measures somewhere between 180 – 320 PPM.  Ultra-pure water should measure at zero PPM or below.


Uses of Ultra-Pure Water

  • Window cleaning – used to reach and wash window cleaning. No need for ladders.
  • Car Valeting – many car valets use Pure Water for the final rinse
  • Aquarium & fish tanks owners – tropical and marine fish tanks require special and exact conditions for the fish & coral to thrive
  • Pet Shop owners – ideal for selling to small fish tank owners
  • The Manufacturing Industry – Pure Water is necessary for various manufacturing processes


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